American Horror Story Season 04 Episode 08 Download Torrent

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Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller
Starring: Evan Peters, Jessica Lange, Frances Conroy
American Horror Story 04x08 torrent
Good 12 Bad 1
Review: Something totally different in a entertainment landscape of toned down crap. Finally something that pushes the boundaries and takes some chances. In a time when everybody worries so much about whats real they unwilling to buy into anything slightly outlandish. Suspend your disbelieve and take a walk into the strangest, most twisted little series Ive seen since Carnivale. I love this nightmarish ride into the twilight zone. I think the casting is superb. Great acting throughout. The writing is fast paced and doesnt stretch things out like many long winded series. Too many shows take for ever to get the ball rolling. This show is fast paced and never leaves you much chance to breath before springing another traumatic event your way. I can hardly wait to see where this fun house ride leads to next.

Family Guy Season 13 Episode 5 (by 7tobi7) Download Torrent

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Genre: Animation, Comedy
Starring: Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green
Family Guy 13x05 torrent
Good 6 Bad 0
Review: Family Guy is another of the best TV-shows that premiered in 1999! Family Guy kind of reminded me of The Simpsons a little bit but there both different. The way Family Guy is like The Simpsons is that they both have the same plot which is a sit-com about a dysfunctional family that lives in a medium sized town where anything can happen and plus the humor is slapstick. Peter Griffin (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) does his best to do whats right for the family, but along the way, he makes mistakes that are the stuff of legends and he is the not so bright one in the family, he speaks before he thinks which is hilarious. Then theres Lois (voiced by Alex Borstein) who is the most sane of the bunch. There is the two teenagers of the family Meg (Season 1 was voiced by Lacey Chabert and then Season 2 and beyond Mila Kunis did the voice of Meg) who is one of those kids who tries so hard to fit in but yet it doesnt work and I feel so sorry for her and then theres Chris (voiced by Seth Green) who is fat, not really that smart but yet spirited and kind of weird. Then theres Stewie (voiced by Seth MacFarlane, again), the evil baby who has an English accent and is this evil genius who wants to take over the world and then there is Brian the dog (voiced by Seth MacFarlane, again), who is the smartest in the family and likes to drink and smoke and doesnt really describe himself as a domestic animal and is trying to find his purpose. The show is so funny because it also makes fun of several movies and other TV-shows which is another thing Family Guy and The Simpsons are alike! The other characters in the show are Cleveland (voiced by Mike Henry) who is this all-around nice guy; Joe Swanson (voiced by Patrick Warburton) who is this tough guy who is in a wheel-chair because he paralyzed his legs and he mainly uses his upper-body strength and then there is Quagmire who is this sex-maniac who goes crazy for any woman that is sexy and I like the way Quagmire says Alright! and I say it the way he would said it now. Plus Adam West is in Family Guy playing the Mayor of Quahog, himself and Seth MacFarlane also worked with Adam West when MacFarlane was working in Hanna-Barbera! It premiered back in 1999 after the 1999 Super Bowl where the Denver Broncos won! Then in 2002 FOX canceled this series and then Cartoon Networks Adult Swim block came along and picked up the series for re-runs and then TBS and now it is going to make a return on FOX! You can get this series out on DVD too!User Rating: 9/10BOTTOM LINE: HILARIOUS AND A BIT LIKE THE SIMPSONS BUT DIFFERENT!

The Fall Season 02 Episode 06 by Monstor2100 Download Torrent

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Genre: Drama, Thriller
Starring: Gillian Anderson, Jamie Dornan, John Lynch
The Fall 02x06 torrent
Good 16 Bad 5
Review: The Fall is a very well filmed and developed story. The acting of all the cast is accurate and right where it needs to be. No more, no less. For all of you that are used to the fast paced American type of the genre and everything that it includes, the directing will seem a bit/quite slow. But actually it is not because it is very realistic. Real serial, real police people, real police building, with no unnecessary details, no unnecessary high tech gadgets or theatrics. It is purely European (british-irish)style. So, do watch it for what it is and not for what you are used to and what it is not.

Outlander Season 1 Episode 13 Download Torrent

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Genre: Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi
Starring: Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Graham McTavish
Outlander 01x13 torrent
Good 23 Bad 2
Review: I have been a fan, make that obsessed fan, from the first book. There are now eight BIG books in the series along with The Lord John series and a few novellas. Ive read them all numerous times. I was hesitant about TV show ruining the books but Starz and Ron D. Moore have shown that you can use a books dialog and make the actors fit into the characters and make a marvelous show.Outlander so far has been a perfect representation of the book. Sam Heughan as Jamie is sublime… is Caitrona Balfe as Claire. Even though Claire is telling the story, its Jamie we all want. I am thrilled with the camera work, the costumes, and the writing. Im thinking subtitles for the Gaelic Language would have been a good decision but I understand why there is none. After all Claire doesnt understand it either and it is her story.Kudos to Diana Gsbaldon for writing the stories and for trusting Ron D. Moore with it. Watch!,

The Big Bang Theory Season 08 Episode 12 [AVI] Download Torrent

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Genre: Comedy
Starring: Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting
The Big Bang Theory 08x12 torrent
Good 21 Bad 3
Review: This show is brilliantly written, has a fantastic cast, keeps you laughing from start to finish of every episode, and shows that even particle physics can be funny. For some of you who may not have seen The Big Bang Factor yet it is a lot like Scrubs if you crank up the geek factor and move the characters from a hospital to a laboratory.Im not sure what CBS is doing to promote this series but clearly it is not enough. I heard about this show through a friend and I have never seen a commercial for it ever. I dont know if CBS is trying to keep this show a secret or if their marketing guys just fell asleep at the wheel but this show is fantastic.The characters, that seem exaggerated at first, are actually believable if you have ever been to a physics conference of any kind…or for that matter any comic-con. These geeks make up an ever growing segment of our population and I think it is wonderful that they finally have a show to call their own. Perhaps I am biased because of my own nerd tendencies but I have had arguments exactly like the ones in this show with my own clique of nerdy friends. To anyone who ever enjoyed math class watch this show and get your friends who didnt like math class to watch too because if they get you they will get this show.

Luther Season 4 Episode 2 by rambo0800 720p Download Torrent

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Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Starring: Idris Elba, Warren Brown, Dermot Crowley
Luther 04x02 torrent
Good 14 Bad 5
Review: Okay, its been a while since i actually saw a series I liked so much. England doesnt churn out amazing movies or TV programmes by the dozen, but when they get em right, they get em perfect. And Luther is one of those gems.A very gritty setting, and perfect execution for a detective series. Each character is very detailed and constantly evolving and growing with Idris Elba playing DCI Luther, constantly fighting his own deamons and a rich cast of characters who make his life interesting.This is a true gem of a series, and in true British style, ends the first series only after 6 episodes, leaving you wanting more and more.

The Middle Season 6 Episode 9 (by SaLveR1) DVDRip-AVC Download Torrent

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Genre: Comedy
Starring: Patricia Heaton, Neil Flynn, Charlie McDermott
The Middle 06x09 torrent
Good 15 Bad 2
Review: Theres a number of shows that I record every week and this is one of them. Whenever I go to catch up on watching shows that were recorded, there are some that are starting to feel like a chore to watch, but I always looks forward to watching this one.I was never a fan of Everyone Loves Raymond so I never saw too much of Patricia Heaton, but shes really very good in this show. I think most of the characters in this show are really well cast. I think Eden Sher as the daughter Sue is terrific. Shes such a lovable nerd. Neil Flynn who plays the husband Mike is funny and believable. Atticus Shaffer as the youngest son Brick is pretty bizarre, but somehow I find myself laughing at him, especially when he repeats to himself in a whisper, the last word of his sentences. I cant explain why, but its funny to me every time he does it.I hope the show doesnt get old for me. Ive watched the first 9 episodes so far and havent been disappointed yet.

Community Season 6 Episode 1 Download Torrent

Torrent Download
Genre: Comedy
Starring: Joel McHale, Danny Pudi, Donald Glover
Community 06x01 torrent
Good 18 Bad 5
Review: Im so happy for Joel McHale (The Soup) to have found a comedy that works for him. Its great to see Chevy Chase back on the screen, in a role that is so unlike himself but that he plays so convincingly that I often forget Im watching the guy from Im Chevy Chase and Youre Not. I also love seeing Donald Glover in a supportive and recurring role on a show- hes a wonderfully talented writer and has been in the business for quite some time, working with Derrick Comedy and even writing some of my favorite episodes of 30 Rock. Glovers on screen relationship with Abed is hilariously funny- the two have an amazing chemistry, and people who think thats weird are just jealous. The ladies are also quite brilliant and unique, each with their own distinctive personalities and eccentricities. The ensemble cast is quirky and the characters are extremely diverse but somehow fit together first as a Spanish study group and then as friends. Moreover, after dropping out of my first pick of universities, I myself attended a community college for my sophomore year, and Community does well to portray the…uniqueness of this type of school. The student body is quite diverse, and the cast of the show represents all the stereotypes of people who end up in such a place. However, it also reflects the actual sense of community that can be formed in a smaller university and the bonding between students who otherwise would have never met let alone become friends. Oh, and we cant forget the mix of normal professors and absolutely insane ones ! What more is there to say ? I love this show; I think its The Best new comedy for 2009-2010. Im crossing my fingers and toes that it goes another season !!!

Black-ish S01E06 [by lepinalexand] (DVDRip-AVC) Download Torrent

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Genre: Comedy
Starring: Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross, Yara Shahidi
Black-ish 01x06 torrent
Good 13 Bad 4
Review: This series might not start off great, but it has certainly won me over. Despite its title, it doesnt make everything about race (in fact deals little with race at all), but instead skillfully and hilariously considers how self-identification and values change trans-generationally. I did not give the show a 10 star rating since it still needs a little work. Its already one of my favorites and I believe it has the potential to be a great family sitcom. I believe the lower rating it has received here has little to do with the quality of the show and more to do with human tendency to categorize and then refuse to see beyond preconceptions.To tell the truth, I had also dismissed Black-ish when I first heard about it, basing this rejection simply on the title and a very cursory glance at reactionary reviews. The racist in me had immediately lumped this show together with the likes of UPN classics Moesha and Girlfriends, shows which I never cared much for. I was therefore pleasantly surprised after I watched the first episode on Hulu…and then the second, and then subsequently caught up with all the currently available episodes (seven at the time of this review) within a day.First off, the cast grows on you quickly. Initially, the family seemed a little oddball in how it was put together. But that went away within an episode or two, when the family dynamic was a bit more apparent. The children are adorable and I finally appreciate how beautiful Tracee Ross is (I guess I was previously blinded by my profound crush on Persia White in Girlfriends). Ross portrayal of her character is refreshingly playful; I wouldnt have known she had it in her. The writers should probably have a consulting doctor, though. It annoys me, how unrealistic the portrayal of her profession is.Anthony Andersons lead character is not perfect, but is on its way up. The character had started off a little unrefined but I am fully confident the writers will make full use of Andersons talent as the show progresses. But Laurence Fishburne as Pops has to be my favorite casting decision. Hopefully he wont be too busy to stop by every once in a while. Another notable side character that I must mention is Deon Coles Charlie. Ill just abbreviate by calling him hilarious.Now, the controversy/hoopla surrounding the show. There are, of course, those who think that the show perpetuates stereotypes about black people, that it demeans them or tries to declare what attributes define black culture. It doesnt help that even the title of the show brings those thoughts to the forefront of the mind. Im not black, and therefore cannot say definitively that this show isnt offensive to any specific category of people. But I honestly feel that the writers are trying to do a good thing here. They do more to try to break stereotypes than disseminate them; and they manage to do this, for the most part, in clever ways that dont look too forced. I dont feel like Im being asked to laugh at caricatures like with other sitcoms.But critics might say, Why do they even have to broach the subject of race? Why cant they be a successful family which happens to be black? If the show didnt mention race at all, but instead chronicled the comedic hijinks of an affluent family (which happens to be black), and had a completely innocuous title, there would be critics up in arms about the show being ashamed/afraid of celebrating black culture. I dont think The Cosby Show or Family Matters work as rebuttals to that argument – those were products of a different era, one before the fracturing of network television and before relegation of black interest shows to pigeonholed networks.Anyway, you cant please everybody. Im happy to say that this show pleases me. The show makes me reflect on how my cultural and racial identity has shaped how I perceive myself and others. It definitely makes me think about how my upbringing and self-identity differs from that of my parents, and how my childrens upbringing and self-id…

Arrow S03E10 DVDRip Download Torrent

Torrent Download
Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime
Starring: Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey
Arrow 03x10 torrent
Good 20 Bad 1
Review: With a decent premise (Though hardly original) and good writing punctuated by witty dialogue this series is of exceptional sophistication. The poor quality of small-screen drama has become mystifyingly evident in recent years. A lot of the action in the pilot was also beautifully choreographed.I read Green Arrow comics as a kid as well as its tie-in The Black Canary. I recognize the names of many of the characters and can see where they might be going plot-wise in future episodes. But they have revamped the back story with a vision that suggests the one Christopher Nolan took in making the Christian Bale Batman movies and I find it quite agreeable.The future of the show will obviously hinge on public appetite for scripted episodic TV. The evident affection for lame reality show singing/dancing auditions of homely, talentless twits eager to make fools of themselves remains depressingly high. Hopefully this show will find and keep an audience.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 05 Episode 11 Download Torrent

Torrent Download
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Starring: Alex OLoughlin, Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim
Hawaii Five-0 05x11 torrent
Good 19 Bad 4
Review: I was around for the original series, although I was only about 5 or 6 at the time, but I still watched it with my folks and liked the original series. Now as I look back, I find that the original I cant even watch anymore… how the times have changed.Now we are introduced to the new Five-0 and what a pleasant surprise! The 4 main actors are excellent and they have a good chemistry together. Grace Park is absolutely gorgeous! A stunning beauty and great actor as well. One of the other things I enjoy about the remake is the edge of the new show. This thing feels more like 24 then the Five-O of old, which is great! Keep up the great work guys and youve got a watcher here!

Nashville S03E08 480p FastDL Download Torrent

Torrent Download
Genre: Drama, Music
Starring: Connie Britton, Clare Bowen, Eric Close
Nashville 03x08 torrent
Good 21 Bad 5
Review: This is a great TV show with great actors and great music!!! By far one of the best new shows of the season!!!!! The story lines have tonnes of potential and the music gets better and better!!!! Its different than a lot of the TV out there, its not the same old, same old. People watch this show and stop with all the reality crap!!! I am tired of good television shows getting cancelled before they are ever given a chance. You dont have to be a country music fan to watch this show, Im not and Ive already downloaded some of the songs they were that good. You just have to like good TV with good stories and appreciate good music. And this is good TV

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